Ambassador Essay

 Ambassador Article

On Sept. 2010 11, 2012, American Ambassador Christopher Dahon was attacked in Benghazi, Libya (BBC, pars. 1). Along with Stevens, 3 other Us citizens were murdered, and the American Consulate was set on open fire (BBC, pendant. 1). The ambassador was still breathing when Libyans located him inside a room inside the American charge (BBC, pendant. 1). That they pulled him out and drove him to the Benghazi Medical Center in which a doctor released his death (BBC, pendant. 1-2). A Libyan doctor believes that Stevens died of extreme asphyxia due to harmful fumes from the flames (BBC, pars. 2-3). 4 days after he perished, CNN identified Stevens' personal journal and displayed the contents of his journal on the news (Fox News, pars. 1). The Huffington Content explained CNN's use of Christopher Stevens' log " disgusting” (Fox Media, pars. 3). Also, Glenn Beck, a network manufacturer, has a theory of what the actual truth of the strike may be (Beck, pars. 2). Lastly, Director Obama made a decision to appear on tv set in front of an incredible number of viewers instead of discussing the recent situations in Libya with other foreign leader (CBS, pars. 9-11).

Four times after the eleventh anniversary of September eleventh, CNN found Chris Stevens' journal on the ground of the unguaranteed consulate mixture (Fox News, pars. 1). When the Huffington Post received news that CNN located the journal, they contacted the news station immediately (Fox News, chez. 1). On their website, CNN stated that they informed the ambassador's family hours after the diary was discovered (Fox Reports, pars 3-4). The State Office has a different view on what actually occurred (Fox News, pars. 4). They claimed that CNN did not inform the family, and that the network reported the contents with the journal just before handing it in return to his family (Fox News, pars. 5). A family member directly informed the news station that they wanted the diary and may not make any decisions right up until then (Fox News, chez. 5). When the news train station finally knowledgeable Stevens' family members, they...

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