Archetype Analysis of "an Incident at Owl figures Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce

 Essay regarding Archetype Research of «an Occurrence by Owl Creek Bridge» by Ambrose Bierce

The Occurrence of Perception

The one thing all human beings must encounter through out life is the uncanny sense of death ongoing just around the corner, in dark alleyways, and on the faces of strangers. Most of us have our very own way of coping with the notion there is an expiration date about our lives, whether it is through grievance and dread, or with boldness and aspiration for what is to turn into of us afterwards. " An Occurrence in Owl Creek Bridge” by simply Ambrose Bierce uses the situational archetype of facing death, and also the anti-villain and scapegoat persona archetypes, to illustrate mans' perspective for the passing of life and coming to fatality in times of risk and misfortune. The story occurs during the Detrimental War, in northern The state of alabama, and shows the feelings and perceptions of a gentleman shortly prior to, and during, his death. The man, who is known as a highly highly regarded politician, a planter, and a servant owner, as well as for his faithfulness to the Confederacy, is set to be hanged by the officials of the Union army. This individual arrived in this kind of unfortunate scenario due to deceiving information, that was given to him by a hidden Union look, thus coaxing him to the Owl Creek Bridge with all the intent to lose it straight down in homage to the southern cause. He was instead sure with wires and ropes and sentenced to death. The scapegoat archetype is present here in the aspect which the protagonist from the story was tricked into his loss of life, forced to take those blame, whether or not he is truly at fault. A great occurrence is described as an event or happening, but the ‘currence' portion comes from the Latin term, ‘currere', this means ‘to run' (Dictionary. com). Many might relay that with the British word, current, which can stand for any number of things having to do with your life, time, or perhaps freedom. Mcdougal uses a large number of symbolic archetypes through out the storyline, such as the moving stream and the bridge, in addition to the ticking of the protagonists' view. The bridge, originally ruined by...

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