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 biology labs Essay

Name: Angel Simon

Pre–Lab Question

Ocular lens

1 ) Label this microscope making use of the components explained within the Launch.

Experiment 1: Virtual Magnification Exercise

Post-Lab Questions

1 . At what magnification will you first notice the ragweed pollen? Answer: multitude of

2 . Which can be bigger, a rhinovirus or E. Coli?

Answer: Electronic. Coli

three or more. Based on the magnification, how many of the Elizabeth. Coli may fit into precisely the same space as the head of your pin? Answer: 2 Micrometers

4. About how many red blood cells could in shape across the diameter of a human being hair (again, look at the magnification scale)? Answer: 20 micrometers

Experiment two: Virtual Microscopic lense

Post-Lab Questions

1 . After completing the m1 exercise inside the " Try this” section, how tall is the letter e? Answer: about 1 . 8micrometers

2 . What is the highest objective contact lens you can use to find the entire notification e? Answer: 10x may be the highest target lens where one can see the whole letter e.

3. The nuclei (the structure in an exceedingly cell made up of DNA) of the cheek skin cells have been discolored using a particular dye in order that they appear magenta. What condition are they? Solution: They is apparently small oblong shape having a dark dot in the middle ( cloud shape) –the darker dot in the centre is the nucleus The magenta is just via

the absorb dyes

(I attempted to use to

Ms tools to

Draw a picture)

4. At high zoom, you may realize that not all from the nuclei inside the onion root tip go appear since the shape you described in the question above. What do they look like? Answer: The red onion root seems to be a long oblong type shape with lots of tiny black spots inside it.

5. What is the first step normally taken at the time you look through the ocular contacts? Answer: To modify the Ocular lens to ensure that there is only one light group