Letters from Wolfie

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1 . Book Title: Characters from Wolfie

Author: Patti Sherlock

installment payments on your This story takes place in 1969 throughout the Vietnam Warfare.

Some of the account takes place in Vietnam and Fort Benning, Georgia.

three or more. The Main Personas in the book happen to be:

Mark Cantrell: A 13 year old young man living in The state of colorado during the Vietnam War. Draw donates his dog, Wolfie, to the Army's scout system. Mark is the younger of two friends. He is not as popular because his older brother and is more reserved. Indicate really remorse his decision on sending his puppy away. In the beginning Mark supports the warfare, but right at the end of the account he opposes the warfare. Wolfie: Mark's German Shepherd mix who have becomes an

Military services dog. Wolfie is named following Mark's men favorite

musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He is a playful

lively dog who will be very much take pleasure in by his whole friends and family. Danny Cantrell: Mark's big brother who is eighteen is serving in the Vietnam War. Danny is the one that wrote Tag suggesting that he sign Wolfie on with the Armed service. During his tour in Vietnam this individual becomes hurt from going on a my own; where he was once outgoing and a love of existence, he returns sad, hurt and never whole again. His experience still left him injured mentally and physically together with the daily torture of content traumatic tension syndrome and the amputation of his proper leg on the knee. Tucker Smalley: Wolfie's assigned Army handler. Tucker is a tough guy who also softens up after getting together with Wolfie. He

becomes really close to Wolfie's family by writing words to Indicate and keeping him educated about his and Wolfie's adventures in Vietnam.

Eve Cantrell: Mark and Danny's mom, she was obviously a home- manufacturer up until her son Danny left to get the Vietnam War. Your woman decided to find employment at the community public library. She is against the conflict but would not express her feelings till her son was wounded. You find out at the end of book that...