cheerleading Essay

When performed cheerleading officially become a sport?

It became a higher school sport in 1972. At that point, cheerleading became more athletic and challenging as mentors at cheerleading camps pressed the girls to try even more acrobatic movements. In 1999, ESPN (the cable connection sports network) officially reported it a sport and began showing the national cheerleading tournaments that were taking place around the region. As of the first 2000s, up to 20 distinct high school agencies declare girls as a sport.

That officially became a sport in the year 2003! However it keeps having not been officially declared a sport in the NCAA (college).... HOWEVER, YOU JUST WAIT BECAUSE COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS DO WAY MORE THAN ANY OTHER SPORTSMEN....

watching the 2016 Olympics because it is officially competitive in these people!

" It's similar to running a great all-out sprint for two-and-half minutes, " said Atlanta Tech senior King Harrison, who enjoyed basketball and soccer in high school. " The only big difference is you have to hold two 50-pound weights above your face. " Thus go ahead, notify Bangaoil that cheerleading isn't a sport. Tell her that the a year ago she spent downing Advil and washing her knees in ice cubes has been a waste. That postponing ACL surgery so the lady could help her UCLA group finish third at the United Spirit Association's Collegiate Excellent two weeks ago was meaningless Forget the seasons of high-profile guy athletes Jason White, Willis McGahee and Aaron Boone crumbled to nothing when their ACLs shredded. Instead, just inform Bangaoil everything you really think -- that she has not an sportsman. That she actually is nothing more than a glorified love-making object, there to smile, look fairly and captivate the men

There's little doubt that cheerleading bears an inherent risk. All sports do; even sports just like ping pong or perhaps golf take the potential risk of injury. The actual...