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DiversityВ orВ DiversifyВ may refer to:


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1 [edit]Science and technology

Biodiversity, the level of variation of your life forms within a given ecosystem Species range, the effective number of kinds represented in a data collection Genetic range, the total range of genetic qualities in the hereditary makeup of any species Nucleotide diversity, the measure the amount of polymorphism within a population Phylogenetic diversity, a measure of biodiversity which includes phylogenetic difference between kinds Ecosystem variety, the range of a place at the amount of ecosystems Plant diversity, the variance in genetic and phenotypic qualities of crops used in farming Functional diversity (ecology), the significance and variety of those kinds and organismal traits that influence ecosystem functioning in a given program Diversity index, a statistic to assess the diversity of a population Range University, a virtual reality system for educational use Range factor, an idea in power engineering

Useful diversity (geography), the characteristic of a place where a variety of different activities (economic, personal, or cultural, for example) occurs; generally associated with downtown places.

2 [edit]Communications

Selection scheme, a method for increasing reliability of a message signal by using multiple communications stations Antenna diversityВ or space selection, a method of cellular communication that use two or more antennas to improve reliability Transmit selection, wireless conversation using...