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Definitions on travel and leisure

Tourism is a phenomena that arise out from the journeys and temporary stays on of people who travel with leisure or leisure purposes. We all have heard that in truck BC the Aryans migrated from Actions meadows for the Indian subcontinent. This human activity is facts for " tourism” being an ancient human activity. Despite " tourism” as an ancient human activity and a phenomenon directly linked to man lifestyle, it is difficult to give a great ultimate classification on " tourism”. Although earlier human being migrations/travels had been carried out generally in search of better climate, meals and/or habitations. In the modern days " tourism” tends to suggest something quite dissimilar plus more complicated. Today people travel and leisure in search of fun, relaxation, experience, sexual pleasure, fresh experiences and so forth. It is widely believed the word " tourism” originated from the Old Saxon (English) term " torn” which approximately meant " departure with the intention of returning”. It was originally used to consider the trips taken by the peasants inside the 12th hundred years. Later inside the 18th hundred years the word " turn” was used to indicate the journeys undertaken by the nobles while using intention of gaining the essential knowledge to govern, to find out about additional cultures and explore fresh areas of the region. Later this kind of term " turn” was replaced with french term " tour”. In Saxon the verb denominated with the suffix " er”. For example writ-er, sing-er and the like. During the 12th century a nobleman who have goes on an outing was called a " toner” (tone-er). Later during the age of bourgeoisie (18th – 19th century) the endsilbe " er” was replaced by the Latina suffix " ist” as well as the Greek suffix " ism”. Thus the terms " tourism” and " tourist” were conceived1. There are several limbs of " tourism”. Some are " health tourism”, " excursion tourism”, " space tourism” and " meditation tourism”. " Space tourism” is quite a new subset of tourism and it is not popular as the other types of travel and leisure. For example...