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Exec Summary

To: Anne Teehan

From: Leigh Clayton

Time: November 4, 2008

Subject matter: The Benefits of Social media


Were at a time when customer satisfaction reaches an all time low, but it is to become more and more difficult to talk to a human for customer service. Many businesses taking the personal and trust-filled relationship that is and so desired by way of a clients. To be able to maintain and grow a loyal customer base, a company are now able to achieve all those real human connections by using social networking. People from every area of the company are readily available to fulfill the various needs of its customers, future personnel and each additional. Social Networking is at the top of today's technology and it is being utilized by many companies. Each of our business purpose is to discuss business ideas and opportunities. It has become a powerful tool to meet prospective leads, customers, efficient workers and business partners. [i] Social networking is usually an easy and cost effective approach to make profitable business contacts with people that you never recognized existed.


в–Є An advantage of Social Networking is usually to create innovative ways to communicate and share information about our company. Communication is a most important factor in any organization, and online community is the best way to assist in these powerful interactions.

в–Є Social Networking ensures that we are making fresh and effective connections. We could promote the company's solutions on a more personal level.[ii] Both the customers and own employees can build a more trusting relationship through the ease of conversation of a online social network.


Social Networking has always been an efficient source of interaction. It has become important to change that they way we pursue our clients and employees. We want to take care of more efficiently, seek the services of the most qualified employees and locate prospective clients. Our business has to be mindful of not only that which we communicate, although how we connect. Society has changed they approach we connect to one another. This use to become highly urged, by companies, to meet any client or future employee while playing golf, having lunch time or maybe even evening meal. You would present your sales hype, hand them a business greeting card and follow back within the next few days to see if they were considering your business or if you were considering theirs. It was an approach to maintain a personal romantic relationship and show the future client or perhaps future worker how offered and interested you will be.

Social Networking has produced and we should be aware of the way we connect and speak. Communication is no longer just getting to a client or perhaps future staff. It is achieving millions of business connections that you just never realized existed, through technology. Technology has allowed us to create interpersonal sites which can be used for social networking your business, using the web. I use to think social sites such as Myspace. com, Fb. com, and LinkedIn. com were sites for younger people to interact socially with their good friends. After exploring these sites, I came across that these sites support far more than mingling amongst friends. It has become probably the most effective ways for your business to connect and build relationships with other business owners and potential employees. Social networking has provided businesses with the following: business advancement or sales, raising business capital, professional development, having job assistance with others in the company, recruiting board associates, management of employees and social or personal reasons.[iii] Social Networking can add value to a company externally as well as in house. It can be a incredibly powerful instrument and when applied properly we are able to learn from other folks as well as ourself.

There are many corporations that have taken the idea of these social sites and employed them in house. They are using social networking while marketing tool...