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GSE 2/2005

Cross Faculty Module Enrolment Form Faculty of Architectural


(1) (2) (3) (4) This form is to be used ONLY if the module you want to apply is not listed in the " online component registration” system. Please full Section (I) & (II) before submitting this form on your Department. Carry out submit the request(s) ahead of the commencement from the Semester (i. e. when the timetable intended for the semester is available) or before the stipulated deadline (by the Department). Learners from other Faculties(other than Teachers of Engineering) who wish to go through modules offered by the Faculty of Executive should use this Form as long as their respective Faculties might not have a similar kind for signing up to read cross-faculty modules. Responsibility is on students to find out details on component time-table, pre-requisites if any kind of, from the giving host section. Do make certain you do not face either course time-table or perhaps examination date clashes as you select to learn your themes for the semester. This type is a credit card applicatoin for only ONE module. In the matter of an defeated application, please list the options in order of priority, if perhaps applicable. Use a separate contact form if you wish to make an application for more than one component. This application is measured towards the maximum limit of modules allowed per semester/candidature. If choice 1 can be not authorized, choice a couple of will be offered subjected to approval. If decision 1 & 2 are certainly not approved, decision 3 will be given. The 3rd choice# must be a component offered by the Department. In the event left write off, we will certainly assume you're not choosing virtually any module although only individuals you have chosen making use of the " on-line module registration” system.

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M. Sc individuals (coursework) are only allowed to register for a maximum of up to two different modules from other departments/faculties during their candidature. Other modules are usually not section of the regular/standard segments for the programme of study. Regular/standard modules are equated since relevant quests. Other Themes account for a maximum of 10 MCs of the 40 MCs from other levels (non-5000, non-6000) in the same or perhaps other disciplines subject to the approval of the Dept.


To get M. Eng and Ph. D individuals: Supervisor's authorization is required just before submitting this form. M. Eng and Ph. D. college students are only in order to register for no greater than one module from other departments/faculties throughout their particular candidature. Different modules often taste unpleasant part of the regular/standard modules pertaining to the plan of study. Regular/standard quests are equated as relevant modules. Learners registered before August 2005 are usually not permitted to take themes below 5000 for satisfaction of their level. Other segments account for a maximum of 4 MCs for M. Eng. and 6 MCs for Ph level. D. from all other levels (non-5000, non-6000) in the same or perhaps other professions subject to an approval of the Dept.


Your request would be considered on a case-by-case basis according to the significance of the component to your level of study, module's availability, the Department's endorsement as well as the instructing department's endorsement. Candidates might check the position of their module registration intended for the Session at http://www.gse.nus.edu.sg/online/ by selecting " Online Module Registration Status Check”. Every students will probably be notified of their status of application through their NUS student email or personal email address since indicated with this form. A duplicate of this form can also be downloaded from Graduate Studies Workplace, Faculty of Engineering's Intranet at http://www.eng2.nus.edu.sg/proj/eeintranet/student/Grad/Grad.html (Students will be needing their pupil USERID and NUSNET username and password to gain access to the web page. ) Site 1 of two

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