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Influence of Entertainment Multimedia


January 18, 2013

Ruth McDonald

Influence of Entertainment Media

After a hard day at job or after completing the tasks through the day, people choose entertainment press such as a book or journal, a newspapers, turn on the radio or television set, hear music, play games, or get watch a movie. It is a kind of leisure all of us seek to receive ourselves busy (Curtis, 2011). Entertainment media has been traditionally used every day by children, adults, and seniors. Many persons do not realize the large amount of time spent using entertainment media by making use of mobile devices (Lule, 2012). How entertainment multimedia shaped American Culture

Entertainment press has shaped American culture by impacting on the way we believe, the way all of us feel, what things to wear, what things to listen to, political and spiritual views and believes. Mags, newspapers, the airwaves and tv provide information on each day topics and news around the globe. This is important information that helps us become more knowledgeable from the news although this type of multimedia only notifies a certain percentage of the real truth (Lule, 2012). It is in our culture to value and determine how informative the information offered and the way this is conveyed to the community. Social Influences of Entertainment Media: Great or Unfavorable Social impact on such as, Facebook . com and Tweets create a unfavorable form of entertainment media. Mass communication can be widely intended to entertain (Curtis, 2011). When folks use internet sites, there are many advertisements that may affect what is the newest fashion trend or perhaps what items to purchase. We may not have very much opinion of what decision to make since we are continuously influenced by entertainment mass media we watch, hear or read.

Bottom line

Entertainment multimedia is a pure reflection of the behaviors and attitudes. Most of our viewpoints are based on what we saw on television or whatever we heard within the radio and even what a good friend...

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