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 Jane Elliot Essay

Race and Ethics Relationships

Jane Elliot: Brown Eyed and Green Eyed

Of course I think that this exercise motivated the participant's lives. I think that every time they experienced a situation where discrimination was involved they thought back in their third grade instructor and how she drilled this into their mind that it is not important the color of skin, everyone should be cared for the same. Every time, during that course and over the school season, she raised discrimination, the girl more or less built them do it again that it's awful and they will not do it. If perhaps something is that constant inside your life, anyone with going to forget it that easily. I believe that this exercise would be extremely successful for many who are very prejudiced. I may mean this in a conceited way but I think highly of me and I would like to make the supposition that people who also are very prejudiced think extremely highly of themselves too. I'm not prejudiced although I know merely was placed in this exercise, I would truly feel horrible each time I thought a thing bad, just because of they've race. Right now say I'm a very prejudiced blue eyed person and in today's exercise the blue eyed people are inferior towards the brown eyed people. People are going to phone me brands and pick on myself even though I believe very extremely of me personally I'm going to begin to doubt that I'm exceptional. I will learn to realize that is actually not a neat thing to appearance down for people intended for something that they may have no control over, like all their eyes, and start to relate it to other things like skin color or hair color. I think it might be a great eye opener. The most highly effective part for me is how quickly the children turns on their friends. Their best friend could have a different eye color they did so instantly they ended talking. My spouse and i can't imagine not speaking with my best friend in third level just because they'd brown eye. I learned that the power of affect from the right people is a solid bond; whether it is a good or bad effect,...