Lpp Cafetaria Circumstance Solution

 Lpp Cafetaria Case Solution Essay






To reduce the purchase of potato and green espresso beans, so as to meet the conditions with the various limitations to achieve the aim of reducing the purchase cost. Restriction conditions:

PotatoesGreen Beans

Protein1. 5 g per 100 g в†’ 1 . 5%2 g per 100 g в†’ 2%

Iron0. three or more mg every 100 g в†’ zero. 3%1. a couple of mg every 100 g в†’ 1 . 2%

Vitamin C12 magnesium per 100 g в†’ 12%10 mg per 100 g в†’ 10%

Q 1)

Determine the amount of potatoes and green espresso beans Maria ought to purchase weekly for the casserole to minimize the element costs whilst meeting healthy, taste, and demand requirements. Before your woman makes her final decision, Nancy plans to explore the following concerns independently besides where in any other case indicated. Solution:

1) The decision variables will be:

P: The amount of potatoes purchased per week

G: The amount of espresso beans purchased each week

Such that,

Goal Function:

Controlled by constraints:

The first 3 constraints will be nutritional limitations: constraints on protein, flat iron, and vitamin contents correspondingly.

Putting these kinds of values in LINDO:

Queen. 2)

Nancy is not very concerned about the taste of the casserole; she is simply concerned about meeting nutritional requirements and budget cuts. She consequently forces Edson to change the recipe making possible only for least a one to two rate in the excess weight of potatoes to green beans. Provided the new recipe, determine the amount of potatoes and green beans Maria should certainly purchase weekly. Answer:

In this case, the flavor constraint is usually changed.

The modern constraint can be:

Pounds of potatoes / Pounds of green beans > 0.5

So , rebuilding the version as follows:

Object function & constraints:

Adding value in LINDO:

PERFECTO obtained the following:

Objective worth: 16. 22614

Adjustable Value Reduced Cost P 4666. 667 0. 000000 G 5500. 000 0. 000000

Line Slack or perhaps Surplus Dual Price 1 16. 22614 -1. 000000 2 zero. 000000 -0. 3303965E-01 3 0. 000000 -0. 1284875 4 70. 00000 zero. 000000 five 3833. 333 0. 000000 6 166. 6667 zero. 000000 Bottom line:

The original bottom solution is to change the weight ratio of edible after the base answer into, just to meet the minimum requirement of protein with straightener, can be seen through the figure. Necessary protein 180g, 80mg iron and vitamin C1050mg constraints, as well as edible plus the weight ratio of 1: two minimum each week requirements underneath the 10kg limit, Maria chosen to buy 4666. 667 g of potatoes with 5500 g of green beans, the required to invest at money 16. 22614.

Q. 3) Maria chooses to lower the iron requirement to 66 mg seeing that she decides that the different ingredients, like the onions and cream of mushroom soups, also provide flat iron. Determine how much potatoes and green coffee beans Maria should purchase each week given this new iron necessity. Answer:

Unit Becomes as follows:

LINDO attained as follows:

Target value: 14. 29883

Variable Benefit Reduced Cost L 7166. 667 0. 000000 G 3625. 000 zero. 000000

Row Slack or Excessive Dual Cost 1 13. 29883 -1. 000000 2 0. 000000 -0. 3303965E-01 3 zero. 000000 -0. 1284875...