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BMW: The Digital Auto Project

Case Analysis Record

1 . Advice

1-1. We all recommend 3-series touring truck development task as a focus on of Digital Car Project. The ultimate aim of the project is to halve lead moments of product development in BMW coming from 60 several weeks to 31 month. Because of this, the organization can combine reflect fickle customers' tastes and the latest technology to their product development quickly and it allow them to fit the market demands strategically. If this modify is successful, the feeling and knowledge can be utilized in 7-series and everything other fresh projects. It will eventually make AS BMW HYBRID in front of the competition. And it will preserve huge money and time of the firm. 1-2. Digital technology, such as CAD, is significantly effective to lessen product development lead time actually in other competitors. Considering digital technology as hardware, its directions and capacity of staff working the technology, however , may be critical concern on product development using digital technology. Moreover we need to not disregard the fact that the ability and experience would be helped bring as a result of learning and built up experience and knowledge. 1-3. 3-series touring wagon will inherit platform and basic design concept via 3-series four door. Fortunately the latest 3-series sedan has been developed through laptop design method. Therefore , it can be thought that there may be some accumulated experience of application using laptop design. Additionally , the staff acquired realized its untapped potential as tactical product development device. In other words, by adopting the expansion project since pilot try things out of the digital project, we think that THE CAR can accumulate and develop the competences intended for learning and adapting new process. 2 . Rationale

There are many reasons for all of us to make this kind of recommendations. 2-1. BMW hasn't experienced groundbreaking change in the product development procedure, which can be verified by the fact that BMW...