Odex Circumstance Summary

 Odex Circumstance Summary Article


Odex is a Singapore-based company that licenses and releases cartoons for local and regional (Southeast Asian) consumption. It had been registered more than a decade ago, for the purpose of license and adding overseas drama and cartoon into Singapore, which this began distributing in 2000 (Wikimedia Base, Inc., 2008). In 2007, Odex caused uproar amongst anime supporters, when it chosen to crack upon illegal anime downloading. Anime is movement originating from Japan which has recently become extensively popular among the non-japanese speaking human population in Asia. Prior to the nineties, anime acquired limited coverage beyond Japan's borders. However , the Internet features played a substantial role in the exposure of anime over and above Japan. Seeing that May 3 years ago, Odex, provides sent out albhabets to claimed downloaders challenging settlement amounts of S$3, 000 to S$5, 500. ODEX acquired records via ISPs in order to detect and track down neighborhood internet users who used their particular accounts to download anime illegally. Taking on the RIAA style law suits as implemented by the US recording sector to track down illegal file sharing/ downloading, ODEX hired a US-based company, BayTSP to track down the IP addresses of the illegal downloaders who employed BitTorrent in Singapore (MIRANDAH, 2005).

Odex compared to Singnet

Odex won court docket orders at the begining of 2007 to get SingNet to disclose labels of clients allegedly installing anime. In-may, Odex travelled after SingNet subscribers accusing them of illegally downloading it anime. Anyone who received the letter by simply registered postal mail could get in touch with the company for an out-of-court settlement in a week, or Odex might proceed to drag into court. In addition , the downloaders were made to signal a nondisclosure agreement that he or she would eliminate all clones of the downloaded anime but not continue any further downloading. Odex vs Starhub

In August 2007, the a Subordinate Court ordered StarHub to reveal the id of about 1, 000 of its members accused of illegally getting anime. StarHub had in the beginning resisted the company's efforts to get the customer data, said a spokesman for the telco, as it had " an obligation to protect the customers' data. " Nonetheless it now had no choice but to comply with the court purchase, as Odex had " satisfied the court of its need for the information. " Odex vs PacNet

Upon 23 August 2007, the Subordinate The courtroom denied Odex's appeal to get PacNet to release its subscriber's IP details. The courtroom ruled that Odex was required to prove a great " extremely strong knorke facie case”, as Pacnet owed the subscribers an obligation of confidentiality under the Telecoms Competition Code, and hence the court probably would not grant the order except if Odex can satisfy that burden of evidence. Based on the evidence provided for the court, Odex failed to demonstrate such an " extremely solid prima facie case". Consequently , Odex failed in its software. In contrast to the SingNet and Starhub circumstances, the judge noted that 'for the SingNet circumstance, the requests were made simply by consent'. This meant that Singnet had agreed to Odex's application for the court docket order therefore there were not any arguments prior to the court. The judge likewise noted that Starhub got resisted the application, but their attorneys did not associated with same quarrels that Pacnet's lawyers do, so presumably the court Starhub's case did not consider those problems. On 3 January 08, Odex registered an appeal to the Substantial Court pertaining to the case to be reheard.

Aftermath and Repercussions


There was a public relations backlash against Odex. The company's crackdown led to a public outcry, including death threats against director Sophie Sing, an anti-Odex Jacket campaign, and an online flaming war. Various felt that Odex had been unfair in not mailing any warnings and heavy-handed in concentrating on teenagers. These were also incensed when organization director Sing made feedback on an on the web forum ‘gloating' over his company's actions. Some as well expressed their very own opinion that Odex goods were of low quality and overpriced....

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