About Some Explications in Baudelaire

 On A lot of Motifs in Baudelaire Composition

Seminar Questions

1 . Modernism- Dernier-ne, Walter " On a few Motifs in Baudelaire”

Query 1:

In " On some Motifs in Baudelaire” Walter Dernier-ne argues that extended contact with stimuli, or shocks, inside the environment alters the human experience of our world and creates a conditioned reaction inside the crowd. How exactly does this overstimulation shape the current culture and was Benjamin accurate in alert against it?

Walter Benjamin implied that our minds are generally not equipped with the facilities to handle these shock absorbers. These grow into environmental stressors and thus the decision-making skills are fragile and we just follow the person in front of us. While over stimulation can be an outbreak in current times I do not believe that it has produced mindless large numbers of people. The greatest effect of over stimulation can be an individual's ongoing partial focus. Not being able to pay attention to one thing means focusing on multiple tasks after which not carrying out any of them totally. Our brains rapidly switch between many different separate channels. Initially, this may lead to fatigue. Yet , the mind can build off of this and become stronger. That is why current culture deems even louder, brighter, quicker, and stunning media as " better”. For culture to notice anything it needs to become an attention grabber, then when society is consistently focusing on various media you are swamped with

I do certainly not agree why these shocks create a conditioned reaction within the audience but I really do believe they create these people within the individual. An individual's need to process multiple channels of information at once enables information it's not sold while the biggest, brightest, and best to fall through the cracks.

Issue 2:

Walt Benjamin's information of a flaneur as a " detached observer” describes a spectator who seems to keep their personality from the crowd. One that can escape from rationalized understandings whilst being made available to new perspectives and experiences. Carry out...