Chapter 1

 Chapter 1 Essay




A process Analysis and Design Task

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Osias Colleges Included – Tarlac City

In Partial Happiness

Of the Requirements for the Course

Affiliate in Software

Palma, Karla Michaela B.

February 2014

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Chapter1: The Problem and its particular Background

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Chapter2: Review of Related Literatures and Studies

Overview of Related Literatures

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Review of Related Studies

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The situation and its History


Levels are considered very sensitive information, just before it can be release, the details of the students requesting the grades to get verified. Today, there are a lot of educational institutions having an online system intended for managing classes requesting educational funding, and doing other routine tasks. In this Institution, persons can get school marks online after they enter to the dashboard location where that they manage other- related responsibilities, and the dash is get with the account information. Some colleges do not have extensive online services may even now issue pupils and/or father and mother with a and passwords which declare them to system which allow them to see their very own grades, attendance information, and other basic info. This type of program can be very valuable especially for father and mother who wants to observe on the progress of their kids, and for the students who wants to maintain their eye on their grades. The advantage of viewing grades by means of online is that it is usually conceivable to do when grades will be received and posted. Simply by viewing levels immediately, college students don't have to watch for weeks when report cards are generated and sent, which can relieve stress and anxiety. There might also be other reasons intended for wanting to observe grades by means of online, like wanting to verify grades and also to monitors progress in a school. The typical manual system that is certainly being used in Osias Universities Inc. and also other universities is a Class greeting card. This is where the scholars view all their grades. The Osias Universities Incorporated – College Division are manually distributed all their grades for the students. The administration business office will discharge the levels of the students after they encode and college students can get their very own grades inside the administration workplace. Students may possibly consume period going to school just to get their particular class cards. Also, a whole lot of parents are neither aware nor up-to-date on their infant's performance at school; they did not really know the levels of their children received. Usually the students do not want to show their levels to their parents, or some parents live in a distance place(abroad) that is why they don't have probability to show their particular grades in the event that they like to do so. My personal study concentrates on online observing of levels of students in Osias Colleges, Incorporated-College Department. We attempt to design and style...