Personal and Professional Development

 Personal and Professional Creation Essay

п»їWritten Proposal for Produce Advert

Preliminary Idea

For this task, at first, I had developed 3 primary ideas. The first one was to make a poster, promoting make up. The theme was " Image Print Add for a great Every Day Item”. I chose this, because I actually carry my personal make up with me every day. My personal initial idea is to take a picture of your girl, using the certain make up. It is going to be wimpernfarbung, eye shadows or lipstick. The picture will probably be effective and with a good usage of light. In case it is a wimpernfarbung advert, I might take a photo just in the eyes. To get the lip stick, I am thinking of currently taking picture with the lips, with all the lipstick, and the nails from the girl, decorated in the same colour because the lip stick is. Likewise I have an idea to photo the girls confront, with a genuinely strong make-up, which is going to look great on her. The other two were to get the motto " Rest. It's what you need. ”. 1st I was thinking about taking photo of a little child, regarding 8-9 years of age, sleeping in the bed. It had been going to be hugging the teddy bear and appears really cute. Then I was thinking of demonstrating children, playing outside, looking happy and full of energy, mainly because they've got their sleep the night before. The second idea I had fashioned for this slogan was a photo of a girl, sitting on her desk and working very difficult. There were likely to be various books and document linens on the office. Then I was going to show an image of her at work. The lady was going to look existed but not able to go proper function. So I make 3 mood boards to assist me decide which idea to choose. Finally Choice to create a cartel, advertising wimpernfarbung. It is going to be the " Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express”. I will take a photo of a girl's face using the mascara. She is going to put on a lot of make up, to ensure that her eye can look big and beautiful. Then I will edit the style in Photoshop. I am going to generate her sexy eyelashes look much longer and heavy. Then I will put an image of the merchandise, next...