Identify and Evaluate Advertising Opportunities

 Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities Article

Assessment Activity 2 . BSBMKG501B Identify and evaluate advertising opportunities.

Query 1 .

Dell provides the client the ability to leave feedback on their website when the client •Searches for products and services.

•Purchases a product or service.

•Popup Questionnaire whilst browsing the website.

•Support discussion boards for customers to communicate with staff and other consumers. •Online Chat via the Dell website.

Dell have created a channel with customers employing ‘Ideastorm' which gives the customer to be able to interact and suggest ways to improve their products and services as well as the ability to talk with other folks in the Dell community of the ideas. Dell can then address the customers concerns and put a selection of their suggestions to enhance their products and services into action.

Question 2 .

The characteristics from Dell's research has assembled a section on their website called ‘Community' which consumers can interact with each other and with Dell's support group. They have essentially created a Dell Community the place that the user can read through the Dell Forum, Blogs and Myspace. This provides customers the ability to access and lead solutions, guidance, how to papers and dialogue topics.


Question 3.

Dell's exceptional selling point facilitating the customers to select and customise all their computer systems. They will change or upgrade pieces to suit the customer's demands which is a major advantage more than retailers which have been offering a stock standard prebuilt computer system. Dell is also aimed towards a market market of shoppers that already understand the laptop jargon which usually saves all of them in being forced to explain the fundamentals of a personal computer when making a customer.

Question 4.

Dell is using the following strategies to generate earnings by providing the following services around 13 countries world wide. •Ability to buy directly from Dell and obtain their product within 7-10 business times. •Toll totally free technical support hotline.

•On-site assistance programs.

•Online Chat via the Dell site.

•Website support for 10 country/region specific sites intended for Asia-Pacific/Japan, applying four 'languages' including Oriental, English, Korean and Japanese. Dell also provides the customer to be able to

•Personalise their computer system with colour and artwork. •Customise their personal computer components.

•Select a range of accessories.

Problem 5.

Return on investment means to Dell's marketing campaign is a measure of just how effectively they have used their cash for a product or service to be able to create a profit coming from it. A higher return on investment is more preferable and it can be taken to calculate a break actually point. It really is measured by the cost of how much is invested in a product or service compared to how much revenue it builds.

Question six.

Below are three external risks that Dell could face.

•Constant enhancements made on technology makes the PC Industry volatile and Dell should constantly assessment their products or perhaps face the chance of falling at the rear of their opponents. •Current economy, consumers may not have the disposable income. •Introduction of traveling with a laptop and the utilization of portable products such as iphones and patches. Below are two internal disadvantages Dell may face.

•Dells products can be obtained only online, they do not include any full presence. •Unable to fulfil some buyers who want to obtain and take their product home that day with them.

Question 7.

Businesses can accumulate the following information from its inner systems about their customers to aid in the organizing process. •How much a buyer is spending on a product.

•What the customer is spending their money on.

•Popular products and trends.

•Demographics of the client.

•Their age, sexual, area by which they live.

Question almost 8.

Four techniques environment scanning can be done to look for info is by •Conducting Surveys, Reviews forms and Questionnaires.

•Reading Newspapers, News letters, Books and...