Swing Kids

 Swing Children Essay

When 3 friends are pressured by government and each other, what choices is going to they make to strengthen or weaken their a friendly relationship? When people will be pressured in things, does the character transform? Is it a great or bad way. In the movie " Swing Kids" Peter, Jones, and Aarvid made alternatives that indicate the strengths and weaknesses of their friendship.

Peter is nearly the head of there tiny group, as well as the choices this individual makes decides what all others thinks will not. For example , Philip is directed into the HJ's because of his bad behavior and not as they wants to become a member of. He is an individual and does not perform what everyone else tells him to do just like all the associated with his peers are doing. Peter is a solid character as they thinks items through, and he feels before he talks. Additionally , peter would not discriminate against Aarvid although his guy HJ's and friends did. He is a great friend and would rater be dedicated to his friends instead of to his fellow HJ's. Even when his friends in the HJ try to do something against his close friends he will make an effort to stop all of them instead of just letting them do it. Regardless of how or what everyone says is incorrect with his friends he keeps true to his real friends no matter what any person says.

Everyone has an associate who considers that what he does and what he says may be the only point that is the case. For example , Jones joins the HJ since Peter did but after a while he starts to obtain just like all the rest of the HJ's, and inquiries what people performing and even turns his own father in. Thomas cannot remain faithful to his friends and even his own family who is better than his friends. This shows that he would rather go along with the crowd than rather trying to end up being an individual just like Peter. In addition , at the end of the Movie Thomas beats up Peter as they was dance as a Golf swing Kid. In the event that Thomas was obviously a true friend he would have told him to leave and nothing would have happened but he just had to combat him. Jones joined the HJ...