Swot Analysis of Ford

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5. Ford Motor recorded the strongest and also effective procedure performance in 2005. * Ford motor are the second largest vehicle manufacturer. 5. Ford Motor is termed as one of the supportive tools after various problems, and is credited with donating heavily to several charities following natural catastrophes etc . 2. Ford The european countries along with PAG often known as premier auto group as well recorded the strongest revenue in year 2005. 5. Extensive source chain is recognized as a prime and the best contributor towards betterment of the company 2. Ford engine is termed as the best producer in terms of variety of products. 2. Product line is highly regarded by industry experts and is qualitatively seen to be a step over many of it is competitors. New surveys place Ford within a tie with Toyota for greatest customer satisfaction, a significant improvement from five years ago. * Have a worldwide market presence, with throughout the world brand reputation and an especially strong presence in The european countries. * Superb management of worldwide workforce with less unionization except for UK where shop floor militancy led to closure of Dagenham manufacturing plant.

Weak points

2. Poor Success: Ford nonetheless loses money on many automobile lines, particularly within the United States. 5. Not successful in stand competition coming from Japanese firms like Toyota. * Because of various product recalls as a result of faults, Ford's brand photo was likewise harmed * Falling sales and revenues (faced an astonishing $5. forty five billion in 2001 that improved to $2 Billion dollars loss prior to the Jaguar and Land Rover companies had been sold to Tata Motors India) and Poor financial condition continuing for a number of years 5. Not able to faucet opportunities in small and medium segments where motor companies are the largest * The vehicle market is highly competitive with large fixed costs. In addition , the market requirements continual long-term planning and research and development....