The Feasibility of Barringtonia Racemosa as an Alternative Highlighter Printer ink

 The Feasibility of Barringtonia Racemosa as an Alternative Highlighter Ink Essay

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December 14, 2012


I actually. Background in the Study

A highlighter is a type of a felt-tip marker coop which can be accustomed to draw attention to certain terms or sentences of documents by tagging them with translucent, see-through shades. It is an important stationary item for students and also working people. The ink found in a highlighter pen or in any other pens takes on an important portion in understanding the reading experience and comprehension, in addition to the visual influence of the drafted message, towards the person browsing them. The ink, features no little importance, and the end, it's the one that decides the significance from the pen itself. Ink is among the most important pieces of writing device today. There are several brands of printer ink today on the market. However , every inks contain a colorant (the compound that provides the ink with color) and a vehicle (the liquid or paste that carries and binds the ink to a surface). The selection of ink is an important decision one particular must make in terms of the efficiency of one's dog pen. The wrong printer ink means a pen that one may have a problem with to use. This study endeavors to find another solution source of tattoo that can be used for highlighters. The sap of Powder-puff fruits is purplish and full of color. It truly is this dye that passions the investigator to go after the possibility of modifying it in to an alternative supply of highlighter tattoo.

II. Ideas

2. An alternative highlighter ink may be economically produced from the sap of Powder-Puff fruits, that quality resembles, or nearly resembles that of commercial highlighter inks. 5. The printer ink that will be created by the researchers would not be a good option for commercial highlighter ink, as it is of poor quality and noneconomic. 3. Scope and Limitation

Samples of the alternative printer ink would be made and in comparison commercial highlighter inks. Exactely the components can be experimented after. Since the technique of this analyze is trial and error, the researchers would be basing their conclusions on trial and error methods of sample to determine the appropriate sample for the workable highlighter ink. IV. Problems

* What would be the ratio from the components of the proposed tattoo? * Wherever would be the components be obtained?

* How would the ink become tested?

5. What is the effectiveness of the most acceptable sample of highlighter ink in the pursuing type of newspaper: a. Protect paper

m. Bond newspaper

c. Laptop paper

g. Book paper?

* Is there a significant difference on the effectiveness within the highlighter printer ink in the diverse caterogy of conventional paper? * Precisely what is the shelf-life of the highlighter ink?

Sixth is v. Objectives

2. To make another solution highlighter printer ink from the sap of N. racemosa * To make an efficient highlighter tattoo

5. To make another solution ink which in turn costs less compared to the conventional highlighters * To launch reseraches on low-cost yet effective inks in the Philippines NI. Significance in the Study

* This study will benefit the students, as well as working people, who make use of markers, especially, highlighters each and every day. If this kind of experiment prove to be successful, they shall be given an alternative solution source for pen ink or highlighters. * This study can give more task opportunities for...

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