The Handsomest Drowned Man

 The Handsomest Drowned Man Essay

English 201, Professor Isaac

Short Response Paper

The Handsomest Drowned Man On the globe

In " The Handsomest Drowned Gentleman in the World" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez there is a great evident variation of imagination. With the entire story being centered on this strange person that shows up almost amazingly and grabs the attention of each single person in the city. The beauty of this man is what shocked all of them so much. In many ways you can admit the people from this town are shallow. They were transformed with this mans splendor without him having to say a word or even open his eyes, considering the fact that he was lifeless. Even though it will not happen often , when a person washes on the coast it is not just like something away of this globe. For those in this town it was. The physicality in the drowned man is what mesmerized the villages people a lot. They did not have to clean up his face to know which the man was obviously a stranger. Their community consists of a small inhabitants with only 20 wooden houses. The ladies become entirely mesmerized and take to nursing the man with out hisitation. " Fascinated by his huge size and his natural beauty, the women then simply decide to generate him a few pants from a large bit of sail and a shirt from a bridal brabant linen to ensure that he could continue through his fatality with dignity" (Marquez, 290). Making him clothing and washing his body and even giving him a identity. They decide to call him Esteban. That's where you begin to notice the shallowness of theses people. This guy is useless. All of this work will not really make a difference. Do you think they will have done similar if " Esteban" had not been attractive? The men of the area acted similar to other in this situation. They took one of the most reasonable of action, in contrast to the women, the men went small town to small town trying to figure out exactly where this person had are derived from, When not any village was able to own up to the missing stranger they had to go back and inform the women. Turning out to be very annoyed when they found how all their women were taking these kinds of care of this man...