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Silver Kite, Golden Breeze! Theme Essay

Often in life all of us allow yourself to be aimed by what other people say or perhaps do. We struggle with other folks when it comes to having our own way. We claim and fight for our own method instead of seeing that by working together, we can accomplish so much more. The storyplot by Ray Bradbury, " The Fantastic Kite, The Silver Breeze, ” is an excellent example of the message, simply by working together people can attain more than by working against each other.

The first case in point from the tale to support this idea of co-operation is the several times the mandarins of each town changed the walls of their towns to look like some creature or thing to overtake the different. The mandarin, whose child speaks to him by behind the screen, and the mandarin of Kwan-Si literally run their very own towns into bankruptcy and ruin from your constant changing of the surfaces. The townspeople all communicate and anything stops so they can build the walls. All the people join in to create the new form of the city surfaces.

Another sort of the theme of working together comes from the presence of the daughter and her father, the mandarin. The mandarin is at a loss for what to do. He listens to his girl, even though it can be unheard of to allow the woman to make the decision. The fact that she must hide at the rear of the screen to sound to her dad leads you to believe that the woman's phrase was not placed to any trustworthiness. Yet the daddy accepts her words and commands that her suggestion be finished. Even the mandarin of Kwan-Si listens for the daughter and accepts her final restoring instructions.

The final sort of the theme of cooperation is observed at the end in the story if the narrator states that all is peaceful and calm and that the two neighborhoods once again will be prospering and sharing inside the support of the other. The people became healthy again and the troubles of ahead of disappeared. When they finally decide to work together, the towns again...