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Lacca de Alugbati


Too costly ballpoints, also classy ballpoint cases, also wondrous heavy ink articles. Those will be for what? Whenever we all need is a decent penmanship? Anyhow, there will be exemptions as well. Like, we should have those tiny and " clean” ballpoint ink for such important compose ups, nevertheless for us common students, who have are not that capable of having those dollar-cost pens, we're searching for alternatives that without a doubt, will somehow help all of us in stocking our sturdy pens.

Commonly known as " Alugbati” here in the Philippines is actually a leafy-soft-stemmed grape vine vegetable made up of a lot of vitamins and minerals that somehow discovered and named, " a vegetable using a use”. In some foreign countries, it is named Malabar spinach, that contains supplement A,  vitamin C,  iron, and calcium that can help a human physique more successful and even more healthy.

I come up with an idea, that why don't we make an effort to innovate an ink that is certainly economically offered and that can be seen in our personal gardens? Reduced expenses, more savings. This could be a thing that is commonly well-known but this can be one thing I am just interested to create a product. A product that can would be the afforded simply by mostly of men and women and especially by students.

Tinta de Alugbati, interesting, isn't very it? That leafy vine has it is tiny, round fruits that produce the very dark violet-colored pigments which you can use in colouring some artworks. And now, I've thought of something interesting, producing an tattoo for ballpoints. It is a really cheap material for a very treasured partner within a learner's life- humble tattoo for a pride pen level.

This is advantageous since the society has that recycling bandwagon that aims to lessen wastes and elevate impressive outputs. With this, I could say, that my suggested product is obviously adjoin to the support team. Adjoined in a sense that the advocacy I am having, is extremely into...