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We. General Subject Area: Developing the Manipulation of House Devices through House Automation 2. Specific Subject: Bluetooth Distant Home Software System Applying Android Application III. Definition of the Title:

A. Importance and Significance

Today we are surviving in 21st century where automation is playing important role in human existence. Wireless connection technology is to expand and google android continues to conquer the world of mobile phone technology. Within a house device, automation permits the user to control appliances just like light, computer system, electric supporters, lamps and air-condition, using android phones or tablets. The target customer or beneficiaries of this task are the folks with disability and the older. It provides the awareness of customer in monitoring and controlling the appliances in a house product. The system minimizes human initiatives and also strength efficiency and time saving that will surely help the lifestyle of people having afflictions and the old ones. The look consists of Android phone or tablet with home automation program or application, Arduino Mega ADK. This kind of project can be described as design of an affordable, flexible and wireless solution to the home automation.

B. Manageability (Scope and Limitation)

The software comes with an authentication to the system pertaining to authorized person to access and control appliances in the house device. Building software may include centralized control of light, air-condition, electrical fans to provide improved convenience, comfort and strength efficiency. The main control system will use cellular Bluetooth technology to provide remote access from Android phone or tablet. C. Availability of Resources

Android Tablet or Telephone


Arduino ADK Panel

4. Expected Outcome

The design involves Android device with Residence Automation application or software. User may interact with the android phone or perhaps tablet and send control signal to the Arduino ADK. The Wireless...