Tour Para Georgia and Pawnshop Coverage Output

 Tour De Georgia and Pawnshop Policy Output Dissertation

Chapter I


This section presents the background of the examine, problem and its particular significance, and the scope and limitation from the study. Qualifications of the Study

Nowadays, we are innovating coming from manual to computerized system so that the human-effort are decrease through this kind of innovation, just about every company has their own systems according of what does the specialty area of their company is. Typically, there's a nominal percentage who is using a manual system which is recording data into their long lasting storage which is paper.

There's a pawnshop still using a manual system, they will write all the info about their customers to conform on the protocol of their pawning system and in addition they manually calculated the interest and also the payment of each customer. But also in this study, the proponents made a process that the owners or the secretaries of the pawnshop will not be capable to write and manually compute the payment but to encode the information in computerized way which is by utilizing an E-Pawning system. The proponents consider whoever use this system, their particular efforts since an employer in the pawnshop will certainly lessen to enable them to manage all their time.

A lot of customers are bothered regarding the due date of their subject whether it is jewelries or gizmos, so that the proponents proposed this study for the customer learn to avoid the loses with their things because of the system TEXT MESSAGE Notification that may notified these people five(5) times before all their due date pertaining to payment.

Objectives of the Analyze

The main goals of this suggested study is always to minimize the human-effort of the employer in the pawnshop and also to secure every transaction designed to avoid the duplication of information with the customers. And inform the purchasers about their home loan.

Specifically, this kind of study aims to achieve the subsequent objectives: 1 . To describe the development of E-Pawning pertaining to Eduardo Pawnshop in San Leonardo based on System Development Life Pattern as follows: 1 ) 1Preliminary Analyze

1 . 2Feasibility Study

1 . 3Detailed Program Study

1 . 4System Analysis

1 . 5System Design

1 ) 6Coding

1 ) 7Testing

1 ) 8Implementation

1 . 9Maintenance

2 . To test and evaluate E-Pawning System intended for Eduardo Pawnshop in San Leonardo based upon quality type of ISO 9126. 2 . 1Functionality

2 . 2Reliability

2 . 3Usability

2 . 4Efficiently

2 . 5Portability

2 . 6Maintainability


Conceptual Framework


•Record the data and fascination of the buyer mortgaged Process

•Calculate the payment of the customer's subject manually depending on the interest by pawnshop coverage Output

•Customer's record

Stand 1 . you OLD SYSTEM

Old Pawning


Consumer Info:



Contact information


Type Process Output





•Record the data and curiosity of the customer mortgaged in computerized system Process

•Automatically calculate the payment of the customer's mortgaged based on the interest by the pawnshop policy End result

•Customer's record

•SMS Notification

Table 1 . 2 FRESH SYSTEM

NEW Pawning


Customer Info:



Contact Number


Input Process Output





Relevance of the Examine

The system will offer benefits to the following:

•Owner – the proprietor can easily managed the total revenue of his pawning organization through the E-Pawning System since the system has got the capability to compute all the deals made by the costumers. •Costumers – the client of the pawnshop will receive an info regarding in the mortgaged five(5) days prior to the due date before his subject be auctioned through the program SMS Notice. •Employer – the employer is usually the beneficiaries of this program, through this method, the employer is able to manage his time because of the automated calculation of repayment of each buyer. •Future Experts....